Monday, April 16, 2007

Chicken wings, Tar Heels, and Rain

So perhaps that is the most random of all titles, but connected nonetheless. Not excusing my recent absence of posts, I took today to the wet flood-filled streets of Fairfield in search of lunch.

I arrived at Archie Moore's, which is my too usual destination, and sat down for their delectable chicken wings and a sesame chicken salad. Both, by the way, held up to standard.

However, what I was intrigued most by was the abundance of UNC fans, players, and possible assistant coaches. Given the men's lacrosse game, that was understandable, but I was shocked by the sheer number of people that traveled from North Carolina. Especially given the weather!

There was one particular table of about 15 parents, kids, etc. that were completely obnoxious. They made disparaging remarks about people walking by, poked constant fun about their "Tar Heels" in athletic comparison to the Stags, and were in the most unusual outfits, including rubber outfits that made them seem as if they were the first mate of a fishing boat rather than at a lacrosse game.

Although the Stags lost, I still feel Fairfield was the victor. Why? Every one of the UNC fans could not get enough of the chicken wings. In the end is that not what it is all about, who has the better chicken wings?

For if you can't enjoy a hot wing on a cold wet day, what is the point of living?

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Anonymous said...

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