Monday, April 30, 2007

Spring allergies...

Yes I have them. I didn't until I got to college, but then again there are a lot of things I never did or had before college. (Take that for what you will) Anyway, fresh off a thrilling loss for my New York Rangers against the Buffalo Sabres (good season boys), I am gearing up for the final few days of my collegiate career. While many of my classmates are dreading the real world, the next step, or whatever cliche you prefer to characterize it as, I am not.

True, I have enjoyed my years and made some special relationships, but at the same time there is something to be said for being productive with your time. Unfortunately, I don't feel as if I learned enough academically to warrant my degree, but the outside lessons were certainly important.

Where was my flaw? Perhaps, my choice of school. Perhaps, limiting myself my freshman year and not immersing myself right away. Nonetheless, I feel wiser, but not smarter and are forced to question whether it was really worth it?

I come away with an established piece of paper, that is true. That paper will of course take me through life, but I have aspirations of going into business for myself. How will that help me? Would I not have been better in a work environment gaining experience?

The liberal arts agenda claims that they want to make you a more well-rounded individual and thinker, yet I have never met more closed minded people. That may be partially attributed to the lack of diversity on-campus, but I find it interesting that most liberal arts schools are in fact private religiously-based institutions. Seems odd to educate someone on becoming an open thinker in a closed-minded setting.

Amidst my complaining though there is of course a bright side. I did learn a work ethic, though I definitely broke it more than followed it, and I did learn to associate with a group of people that I hadn't been exposed to, albeit a homogeneous group.

Can I give advice on your collegiate choices? Maybe. Be thorough, be prepared, but don't be fooled. College is a business and there will come a point when the cost certainly outweighs the benefit and there is still something to be said for entrepreneurship.


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